Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Fuzzball

Have you ever seen anything so sweet and cute as a curled up little blue possum all snug in his nest?  Aww, wait, that's just the Bobosaur in his polar bear pj's... asleep in a little ball in his Christmas chair.

Why is it that he can fall asleep in the oddest places in less than 3 seconds, but it takes him forever and a boatload of whining before he will take a nap in bed?


Pure preciousness.

Good Things Afoot

As you may know, I've been hoping to find a full-time job since my last semester ended and I'm only taking a half-time course load this semester.  The tricky part is that I'm obviously not finished with my IT degree, but that's the field I want a job in (British history is just not a bustling industry, sadly), more specifically working with Oracle (which is really hard to get into without experience).  So, yesterday I started casting my net a little wider, and applied to this company that my friend works for... and this morning I got a call back from them!  I am very excited, so cross your fingers for me! 

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, a little while later I got another call and it was a *head hunter* (or recruiter, as they prefer), who found my resume on Dice!  Unfortunately, he didn't really READ my resume well and wanted someone with RAC experience, but it was still really neat to have a random stranger call up and try to offer me a job!  So, I'm a big dork and I'm getting a huge kick out of this lucky streak I've been having, and I really hope it keeps up long enough for me to get into a great position!  Oh, and here's one of the suit pictures that somehow managed to miss Bobo playing trains over my shoes. 

Monday, January 25, 2010


So... perhaps some of you Pioneer Woman readers happened upon this recent post in her cooking section?  If not, maybe take a moment to peruse it... she's offering another one of her amazing Lodge-party contests with a make your own sushi twist... in February.


Yeah... I'M GOING!!!   I never win anything, I can't believe my luck!!  I'm still waiting to figure out the details, so fingers crossed nothing falls through.  I couldn't be more excited, though!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Roller Skating Adventure

This afternoon we headed down to Roller Kingdom, the skating rink where we used to go as kids, to take Bobo for his first ever roller skating experience!  Things started off a little iffy... we got there 20 minutes before they closed for lunch so we had to leave and come back.  That ended up working out well- we had a tasty lunch at Panera and then hit the Home Depot for a while (too long a while).  Unfortunately, by the time we got back to Roller Kingdom, the previously empty parking lot was JAM PACKED.  Cars were parked everywhere, on top of each other, and even on the side of the highway...  The entire huge ice skating arena parking lot next door was also full... so we were headed out to park across the highway when we saw some guy leaving four spots away from the door... score!

Once inside, it was also really packed... apparently Saturday afternoon is THE time to have your birthday at Roller Kingdom. It was borderline ridiculous and crazy kids on rollerblades were everywhere... next time we will certainly get there right when they open instead of having to deal with the 'party scene' and parking nightmare.

Bobo did really well at roller skating... except for a melt down after they took his shoes away and gave him his skates (mini real person skates!).  I guess he thought they were stealing his shoes!  It took 10 minutes to convince him to even put them on, I thought we would have to leave before we even got to skate, but he came through.  Once they were on, Bobo was all for it.  He was SO good, he could skate across the carpet all by himself after just a moment.

We headed into the center of the skate rink, which is the area for beginners and little kids, with everyone else circling at break-neck speed around.  Bobo was really getting the hang of it as we skated back and forth, and then when Momo finally got some roller blades (they were so busy they didn't have ANY women's skates left) and joined us, and then we braved the big circle for a lap or two. After that, we had to wait through 10 races, so Bobo played with the arcade machines... and then we scored a free game of Ice Ball!  (Bobo is not ready for Ice Ball, I might add.)

It wasn't bad for a first experience, and now we know for sure to get there right when they open, or maybe try a week night.  It was too cute not to do again soon, I loved how his mini skates looked!

He was so tired afterwards that he ASKED to take a nap as soon as we got home!  So sweet.

Bobo Making Cookies

I'm a little obsessed with pre-sliced frozen holiday sugar cookies... they're just so easy, tasty and cute!  They used to have three different holiday designs for the whole year, and now they've caught on and made a ton, for every holiday.  I'm surprised they didn't have Martin Luther King Jr. ones.  The sad thing is, I will buy any new holiday design they come up with!

I've shared my love of these cookies with Bobo, and HE loves them because these are one thing that he can 'make' all by himself!  He gets so excited when he sees these because during Christmas he got to make them for the first time.  I didn't even finish unpacking the groceries when he grabbed them, began dancing around, and telling me he had to 'make cookies' right away.  Who could resist that?

After someone opens the bag for him, and slides out the tray, he meticulously takes one cookie at a time and places it on the baking sheet.  When he's finally finished they are all mostly on one side, so he has to spread them out (and gets a little help before they are popped into the oven).

Then of course comes the waiting... but that's no problem thanks to his ten thousand trains that he has.  Notice the nice MAT on the floor... that was a gift from Todd.  I asked for a Silpat for Christmas (and notice how we are using it for the cookies, I loves it!), and Todd went last minute shopping without a list and all he could remember was that I wanted some kind of a mat!  So he got me a PLACE mat, and this FLOOR mat!  Nice attempt, but the best thing is this floor mat is AWESOME... its so comfy and makes you want to wash dishes... I'm not kidding.

And finally we have the cookies!  They taste best when they're warm (but I pull them out right after 9 minutes so they stay really soft even days later), so of course we gobbled up a bunch.  Mmm!  I think next time I go shopping I'm going to have to get another pack... you know, because they have TWO different Valentine's Day designs, and we have to see how the arrow heart ones taste!

Hey Bobo... did you eat a million cookies or what? (I think that's a yes.)

The Unfortunate Bite

This week Bobo had a rather unfortunate experience at Miss Robin's... he got bit by a little girl.  Apparently Miss Robin bought a bunch of new trucks and cars, since all the toddlers there love them, Bobo included.  She went to the kitchen to heat up lunch while Bobo and this girl were using the new cars in the play room, and then Bobo started crying... and the girl ran away to hide.

Judging from how dark the bite marks are they must have hurt a lot and that girl must have really chomped down!  They were probably going for the same toy, who knows... apparently the girl has never bit anyone before.  It didn't break the skin, but still...ouch!  My biggest concern is Bobo now getting the idea it's okay to bite people...  he already chomped on Momo's hand once since the incident.  Right away we talked about how much that hurts and not to do it, and I think he got the idea... I hope so.  :/

So here is my little darling the night of the 'attack'... don't worry, the mark was all faded and gone by morning and he went to day care the next day just as excited as ever (the girl wasn't there though, we'll see how next week goes).  And the sad puppy face he's making here isn't from his traumatizing experience... he's just really sleepy.  He gets over things pretty quickly,  he's all zen like that.  :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Long Road Ahead

Le Snow Suit

The Pajama Samurai

I guess Bobo was inspired by the Wii Fit to do his own special workout.  I like to think he looks like a training samurai!  He found himself a fashionable head wrap and then began to practice his meditative martial arts.  Rawr!

Is he a cutie or what?  Look at that concentration.  I couldn't perch and balance on the edge of a box like this!  And then of course he had to ham it up for a while.  Notice the green blanket fort in the background, I think it adds to the effect.  A little samurai house, if you will.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Snow!?

Yes, it snowed again today... so if I have to look at it so do you!  Actually this is another one from yesterday, I took about fifty thousand... snowsuit pictures to follow.  On an unrelated note... doesn't Arin look like the kid from Jerry McGuire when he wears my glasses??

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Snow!

Said to the tune of... 'oh no'.  Yes, another day, another snow storm.  I suppose it's not been a bad winter snow-wise, and at least this storm was very wet and stuck to the trees very prettily.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January Rolling On...

I haven't been posting lately I noticed.  I had a bunch of things to take pictures of during the holidays... but now they're over and we haven't been doing anything exciting!  It's the beginning of that long stretch of winter where nothing happens and there is no where to go... until spring time.  Boring!  Not to mention it's ridiculously cold out and who wants to do anything in weather like that?

Anyway, Bobo was home with me for the long weekend and I was trying to take a 'professional' picture for my Linkedin resume... let's just say it wasn't as successful as I hoped.  But, I got some cute ones of me and Bobo!  I wonder if that would impress hiring managers?  I think you're not supposed to let them know you have young kids, so I should probably change my facebook profile picture (because they show up on google, and companies like to search interviewees.)  Though, that's probably not as bad as the old photo links you can find attached to me all over the place!  Oh well... most of them are overseas so it doesn't count right?!  :)  I created a new email for my resume, which is good because the old one brings up a whole bunch of old pictures and stuff that are kind of embarrassing.  No I'm not telling you my email (shoot, it's probably on the side isn't it?).  Don't do it!

Bobo is loving spending a few hours a week with Miss Robin and his new friends at 'school', he talks about how they play with trucks and watch Thomas and the best part is that she has a PUPPY... it's a cute little dog and so sweet.  It's great, it's like he gets to have a pet but we don't have to clean up after it.  I'm just keeping up with the job search and trying to learn as much about Java as I can before my classes start in another week... it's not a full course load but I'm taking a lot of programming stuff which I find difficult.  I'm hoping to be in a full-time position before the end of February, and to graduate (again) this summer, so cross your fingers for me!

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