Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Unfortunate Bite

This week Bobo had a rather unfortunate experience at Miss Robin's... he got bit by a little girl.  Apparently Miss Robin bought a bunch of new trucks and cars, since all the toddlers there love them, Bobo included.  She went to the kitchen to heat up lunch while Bobo and this girl were using the new cars in the play room, and then Bobo started crying... and the girl ran away to hide.

Judging from how dark the bite marks are they must have hurt a lot and that girl must have really chomped down!  They were probably going for the same toy, who knows... apparently the girl has never bit anyone before.  It didn't break the skin, but still...ouch!  My biggest concern is Bobo now getting the idea it's okay to bite people...  he already chomped on Momo's hand once since the incident.  Right away we talked about how much that hurts and not to do it, and I think he got the idea... I hope so.  :/

So here is my little darling the night of the 'attack'... don't worry, the mark was all faded and gone by morning and he went to day care the next day just as excited as ever (the girl wasn't there though, we'll see how next week goes).  And the sad puppy face he's making here isn't from his traumatizing experience... he's just really sleepy.  He gets over things pretty quickly,  he's all zen like that.  :)



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