Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blueberry Sour Cream Scones


I really like the King Arthur Cream Tea Scones mix they sell at the grocery store... it comes out really yummy. I asked my sister to pick up a box at the store, and unfortunately she came back with the Blueberry Sour Cream variety. Ick, I thought, I don't like blueberries! Well, out of desperation for scones to compliment the rainy weather and my warm English Breakfast tea, I decided to try it. Here's the before-baking shot:

And guess what... King Arthur didn't let me down, these are delicious! I still don't like blueberries, but these scones are moist and doughy and yummy. I don't know that I would put lemon curd on them as I usually do, but they were good enough to eat just on their own. Mmm.

I like to put a lot of sugar on the top to make it all crunchy and delicious, but they were very sweet on their own. And this was after I picked out about half the million blueberries (couldn't resist trying!).



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