Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nifty Photo Collection by Peter Funch

Someone posted this on facebook, and I don't usually take notice but the title was interesting... it was something like images of NYC composited over time but not space. I thought it would be something like, pictures from the 1920s through current day of the same location, which would be interesting, but it wasn't. Still interesting though!

The artist, Peter Funch, sits in one spot in NYC for two weeks or something, and takes a bunch of pictures. Then, he sits down and edits people/things out of some of the photographs and collages them all together so it looks like it was just a normal picture he took... but all the people are doing the same things (looking up, yawning) or wearing similar colors, something that is like, wow what a coincidence! And a lot of them are in pairs, so he has one of everyone wearing dark colors, followed by one of everyone wearing whites. Pretty neat!

Go check it out
, if that's your bag.



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