Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cream Tea Scones

To celebrate Julie's delicious gift of fresh lemon curd from Merry Ole England, I made another batch of scones this morning. Last time I posted about the King Arthur Blueberry Sour Cream scone mix, and mentioned I normally get the 'plain' kind. So here are pictures of the King Arthur Cream Tea Scones. Yummy!

There are two suggested ways to prepare it, the cream method is to add 1 egg and 3/4 cup of heavy cream to the mix. The other is the traditional method, which is to cut in butter and add some milk. Today I went the cream route because at 6am I was feeling a bit lethargic. I think the butter method produces a more moist scone, which is my personal preference. I will say I preferred the texture of the blueberry scones, which I used the butter method for.

So, why am I so lazy that I need to buy my flour and baking soda and sugar already sifted together instead of taking the 6 minutes to do it myself? I dunno! There's something just so easy and relaxing about whipping out a box... like making bisquick pancakes. Maybe I'll make a bunch of dry mix and put it in containers... some day. It's on the list. :)

Oh, and the divine lemon curd that we slathered all over these babies? Post on that is upcoming.


Anonymous said...

The lemon curd is all gone now!!! Where's the post?


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