Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pioneer Woman Photobook Contest

So I've been trying to wrangle up a submission for Pioneer Woman's Photobook contest which ends... soon?? You just upload some pictures to Snapfish and make a photobook out of them and then add it to her group, and then they pick 50 random winners. I want the photobooks, fo' real... it's been on my to-do list forever. AND EVER. But of course, I want them to look gorgeous and be all themed and color-coordinated and ahhh. Too much with the brain.

Most of the photos I edit I am crazy and save them as web-sized jpgs. I don't know, I'm like paranoid I will run out of space (it was ingrained in me back when you had to save things on floppy disks... conserve space!), so I always make things smaller. Too small, I might add, to be printed out by Snapfish or Costco or whatnot... so whenever I want actual prints I have to go back to the original and re-edit everything and save it BIG for once. I still feel weird about it though. Like I'm being wasteful... isn't that nuts?

Well, here's some that I edited today... I also have this big photo collage frame sitting in my room that I want to fill with some black and whites / desaturates so was thinking about that too while editing these. Meh, I think I need to find better pictures.

Wish me luck on finishing in time. :) At least I get 20 free prints through Snapfish just for signing up though, so I can at least get 4 x 6's of these after all this silly work! :)



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