Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Stroller

We've had a bunch of drama with Arin's strollers. First, when he was tiny, we had a Snap-n-Go that worked great with his car seat, I really liked it and it wasn't too bulky. Of course, before he was out of his baby seat, one of the rear wheels fell off! I kept putting it back on, but every time we would walk somewhere it would fall off again every 15 seconds. There was no way to reattach it permanently, so finally I had to give up.

Somewhere during this time Cheri gave us a stroller she got with her car seat and wasn't using (since she has twins). It was a 'big boy' stroller though, so I hesitated to use it. Once I finally did... let's just say it was the bane of my existence. I could see why they have to give it away with car seats, it's terrible! Never get a Cosco stroller, EVER. So we suffered along using this until I didn't even bother to bring it out, it was so hard to handle and uncomfortable for Arin and wobbly and miserable. UCK.

Finally though, there is a happy ending! I was looking at strollers and comparing, and had decided on a Maclaren which are lightweight and have a good reputation, but when I was debating them I threw in the Bob Revolution jogging stroller which was more expensive but... fancier! Of course, I dream about quality and getting the best for Arin, so finally decided that was the one to get. It arrived in the mail about two weeks ago and ... WOW.

This thing is nice! It handles like a dream, it's super comfy and even fully reclines so Arin can sleep, it's super sturdy and safe and I just love it. I can NOT get over how well it moves and turns on a dime, it's like warm butter! The only thing I don't love is that it's quite big and doesn't clasp folded so you have to be careful when carrying it (or maybe I'm just missing how to do this), but we have plenty of trunk space so it doesn't bother me much. I can't wait to bring it on grass and rough terrain this spring/summer, it's so fun to drive! And not to mention, Arin thinks its his own little dune buggy, he loves it. He couldn't even wait until it was put together to start playing with it:

I don't jog, but the Bob Revolution stroller makes me want to head over to the Rail Trail and start. It has two 'modes', you flick a little thingie and it goes from jogging mode which keeps the wheels straight, or walking mode which lets you weeble around any which way you could want. The tires are big, thick and sturdy and great for going over rough surfaces. The sunshade is all fancy too, it has a little clear peep window for when it's fully extended so I can make sure Bobo is relaxing happily.

The first time I brought it out I stopped into TJMaxx and was looking at purses. I was taking up the whole aisle with this thing, and some woman was inching around me very slowly. Finally I was like, 'okay creepy...' and looked up at her. She was practically gaping at the stroller trying to scrutinize it's gears and such. She saw me looking and asked, 'Is that one of those jogging strollers?' And then just started gushing over how great it looked. This stroller inspires ENVY, isn't that fantastic? Stylish and practical, how can you go wrong? I wish I had gotten this from the beginning, (there's a way to put a baby seat into it too I think), I don't know what I did without it.


[in training] julie b said...

That looks like an awesome stroller. When B was born we bought a carseat/stroller combo. It was cute, it was a jogging stroller that I was sure I would use all the time.. ya know, with all of the energy and free time I had... =) But I quickly found out that the wheel only went straight which is HORRIBLE for normal use. It bugged me on walks and in stores. Stroller vent over.


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