Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crushing Defeat: No Gü Puds For ü America

Dear Ms Curcuru,

Thank you for your email regarding the availability of our puds in America.

We have expanded into Europe (France & Belgium). Unfortunately our delicioüs puds are not currently available in the USA and sadly, because they must be kept chilled, it is not possible to ship them or to order them online.

As you saw on our website, our products are sold by a company called Shaws: however this is a small UK-based company, as distinct from the US chain of stores. Our web team had unfortunately obtained the wrong logo, which I understand must have been misleading for you. Please allow me to apologise for the confusion this may have caused you, and to thank you for alerting us to this matter, I have passed the details on to our web team.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards,

Heather Williamson

Customer Care Advisor

Gü Puds - Rensow Ltd


Well, I guess my next project will be to figure out how to make Gü puds at home in the USA, eh?


Anonymous said...

Ever since I tasted Gu Puds a few years ago I have been desperately wanting to see them in the US. I see I am not the only one and am sad to hear that we cannot get them here.
No fair!! :(

cafe taber said...

ditto!! i received a very similar email from them as well. I just had my very first tasting of these treats and can't believe I will have to go back to Europe to have them again! Ugh! If you have any Gu pud recipes to share, please let me know!!


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