Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Animals at the Franklin Park Zoo

Here are more pictures from Mother's Day, when we went to the Franklin Park Zoo. They had a pretty good selection of animals and exhibits, not too many that you couldn't cover them all. We got there after the petting zoo was closed, so I'm sure that would have taken up a lot more time, knowing Bobo! ;) The Stone Zoo is closer to us, but they don't have lions or tigers or giraffes... just bears.

They had an ostrich in with the wildebeast and the zeebas:... it was freaky.

The zebras had really pretty coats with very sharp markings... nice!

One weird thing was that the whole time we were there, almost every animal we saw was completely zonked out... I'm not talking about they were napping or 'sound asleep'... they looked dead or drugged. Check out the lion:

Arin tried to get anywhere and everywhere he wasn't supposed to be, of course.

As far as camels go, these looked pretty well-groomed... but they were HUGE.

And here is an exhibit featuring a 'Wild Bobo''

Finally Momo had to go rescue him as apparently this field is filled with 'prickers'. I didn't see any prickers, let me just say.

Approaching Gorilla Space Mountain:

Here we saw two monkeys playing... and then stop playing to "hug" each other:

More pictures of the Bobo coming up later! :)



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