Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bobo and the Tractor Farm

Arin loves trucks and cars, so it was no surprise when he was set into fits of joy over getting to ride and 'drive' a huge tractor!

It was a windy day and there was a big metal windmill that Bobo found almost as fascinating as his tractor.

I just loved all the crazy faces he kept pulling, he was having so much fun!

Checking out the whoosing windmill again:

Showing mommy how to drive a tractor:

Now he has to show Momo how it works:

There was a peacock sitting on the other side of the fence. Those things are LOUD, they make shrieking noises that sound just like a baby crying out, very distracting.

They are pretty though! Maybe instead of chickens I will start raising peacocks.

This was so cute, Arin found a bench and sat up on it like a little old man in the park... all by himself!

The petting zoo was closed, but you could still ride on these horses!

I think he would make a grand little cowboy. How young is too young to ride a horse?

Loving that windmill!

Hahah, the sign at the entryway to the zoo has enough faces for a family of eight!

Love this one!

And this is when you know it's time to head home...

These were all more pics from the Franklin Park Zoo, and in spite of the last picture we all had a fantastic day!


Tavus said...

haha, that last picture is funny. I sometimes take a picture of Jiles crying and then wonder if someone is going to throw me to a jail for that. lol. but, i'm happy you use it! the zoo poster with 'Bobo's' and your mom's heads are awesome!

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Oh I know, I feel like the 'bad mommy police' are going to come take me away for admitting publicly that my baby cries. :) Well I want to be able to show him in 25 years when he has his own babies just how grumpy he could be!

tavus said...

good point!


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