Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Rushing By

Lately I've been looking at Arin and I can't fathom how he got SO big so fast. I look through old pictures of him as a chubby little bunny and wonder where that went... when did my tiny baby sneak off and grow into a little boy? And why didn't he ask my permission first?? I'm glad he's getting bigger and exploring the world and learning all sorts of fun things, but it's still sad to think how much time has already gone by, and that he'll never be a tiny little munchkin again. At this rate, he will be a teenager in a year it seems like! :(

I just wish we had more time. But really, all the time in the universe wouldn't be enough, I'd still want more. I just hope he stays little for a while longer.

I love you Bobo Bear!


tavus said...

he DOES look big all of a sudden. Although mine isn't as big yet, I know what you are talking about. When Jiles was just a few months old, I always hated those people who said 'oh, it goes by so quick, enjoy it!' because i didn't believe them. Now, I'm one of those crazy women saying the same crazy words!


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