Sunday, May 17, 2009

That 70s Party

No, just kidding, we didn't actually go to a 70s party (I just used PW's 70s action on these photos). We went to a baby shower for Mary, a girl my mom works with. It was fun, and we ended up staying until almost 10pm! They had lots of good food - like the empanadas that my mom loves, and a delicious pineapple cake with meringue frosting that Mary's neighbor (a former pastry chef from the Dominican) made. The only unpleasant part of the evening was a horrifying game they made everyone play... it was
traumatizing. I'll post/describe more later, if I remember. :)

The girl on the right is Mary, the one who's shower it was. She's holding Mary (another one) and Carlos' little baby girl... so cute! The girl on the left is Silvia, who is also expecting and is due August 17. They both have absolutely adorable baby bumps!

Oh, and my little Bobosauric Angel? Yeah, notice the confetti stuff on the floor? Guess who's responsible for all that mess! Glad we left before clean-up! :)



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