Monday, May 18, 2009

New Thomas Shirt

Arin really likes Thomas the Tank Engine... big surprise. I never thought he would be one of "those" babies... the ones who are all into baby brands like Thomas or Barney... but hey if it makes him happy I'll go along with it.

He already has a set of a collared Thomas shirt and (2) Thomas shorts that Alex sent ages ago when their factory was producing them... at the time Arin was too little to know what Thomas was or care, but now he sure likes them!

We saw this shirt in the store the other day, and as soon as Arin saw the huge plastic Thomas... yeah it was over. It is such a ridiculous design... it is just a huge solid piece of shiny plastic they sewed on to the shirt... that gets completely bent out of shape if you try to fold it or wash it or even look at it. Oh well, he doesn't seem to care and he thinks its 'cool'. ;)

Too sweet to resist!



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