Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Zoo

Happy Belated Mother's Day to everyone!

I have a bunch of pictures to put up and write about, but I've been busy preparing for finals and other stuff that I have a backlog. I hate backlogs! ;)

Here's a little bit of our Mother's Day... I hope everyone had a nice one, we certainly did! My Mom, Arin and I went to the Franklin Park Zoo (they were having a Treat your Mom day)... then drove around the Blue Hills Reservation looking for the Arnold Arboretum (for a very long time) then took a little... detour through downtown Boston. We finally made it home, and Julie had made us a yummy dinner of Chicken Marsala, and a very tasty golden lemon cake for dessert. Not to mention that the weather all day was completely GORGEOUS, a perfect sunny spring day.

I took a lot of pics of sleeping animals (they were all just PASSED out), and I'll maybe put up more later. We'll see how I do on my final and if I feel like facing the world afterward!

(This is what I wish I were doing instead of my project.) Ciao!


Tavus said...

aaawee! seems like a very sweet Mother's Day1


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