Monday, May 25, 2009

'Mommy Spike My Hair Please!'

Well, he doesn't quite express himself in full sentences or say please yet, but the other day Arin asked me to spike his hair! It was so cute.

He was under the impression that you use moisturizer to style your hair... so finally after months of wrestling the lotion away from him every time he can get his hands on it and muss it into his hair... I showed him the hairspray can. I explained that THAT was what you used to spike your hair, and that lotion was JUST for skin. He got it right away, and immediately demanded that I 'spiiiiike, spiiiiike' his little hair!

Too cute. A few days later he asked me the same thing, I have to find those pictures too. I think he looks so grown up, like a little kid not a toddler! That's sad, everything goes by way too fast...

Speaking of which, these pictures demonstrate how big he is... whenever he gets the living room to himself at night he'll hop onto the computer and try to locate his Youtube playlist collection of Shaun the Sheep, Thomas the Tank Engine and Cascada videos. He likes it even more than his Thomas DVDs!



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