Friday, May 1, 2009

Shots = Bad Day for Bobo

Today Arin finally got his 18 month shots... some of them anyway... and a blood draw. It was not that great of a day for him. He started off by going to be very late, and then waking up a few hours later at 4am. Pretty rough on mommy too! Then, when he passed out for a nap, he had to wake up immediately to go to the doctors. After waiting around for EVER, he was then subjected to dual leg shots... and after that painful experience he thought he was in the clear, but he had the worst part of all... sitting on mommy's lap while two ladies stuck a needle and tube into his arm to take blood! Not fun at all.

Afterward though, he enjoyed running around the doctor's office parking lot touching everybody's tires (a fascination of his) and then he got to play outside for a while before coming in and taking a VERY VERY long nap! Now he's mostly as good as new.

Here's a random picture from Easter. And don't worry, Arin had plenty of treats to get him over his ordeal. TOO many treats. :)


Tavus said...

oh dear! I didn't know there is a blood draw coming up :(. Jiles just turned one and needs his 12 m. old shots, and I'm already worried :(. I think it's much tougher on us than them in the end.

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

I was shocked too... and these are the 18th month shots! He is still pointing to his legs and going 'boo-boo' and saying owwww. So sad, but I think he's just hamming it up now! I personally am *petrified* of getting blood taken and needles, so watching them stab my baby is not fun at all.

tavus said...

Yeah, I feel the same. I am also very scaried of needles and stuff at the hospitals and I feel so proud that Jiles is alright with them whenever he gets a shot! of course, he doesn't really know they are coming. That's the worse part - the knowing and awaiting of the shot.


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