Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arin's First Splinter

We're having a heat wave here for the next few days, so we've been playing outside. Somehow, today Bobo just got his first splinter. I didn't notice until we came in for a juice break and was cleaning off his hands. Eek, splinters are so horrible!

He was really good, sitting still and only protesting the pain a little as I removed it. The tweezers didn't work and were apparently very painful, and I ended up just being able to slide it out with my fingernail (not in contact with the broken skin, it was hygenic). He didn't like the alcohol part, that's for sure! But we put on a bandaid and some neosporin and now he's all set to go. Except he won't stop playing with the Bandaid.

Poor thing doesn't want to go back outside, so he's sitting watching some Thomas the Tank Engine while he recovers from his traumatizing ordeal. :)



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