Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cardamom Cookies

We were at the Indian store the other day to buy some masala spice mixes for my cooking. Bobo came in and was not having a good time, even though I was! Go figure. So in order to distract him while I was weighing the pros and cons of cumin and ginger to ground mango powder and chili, my mom grabbed a bunch of little cookie packets which were on special. One packet she grabbed was... CARDAMOM flavored.

If you've ever tasted cardamom... well, I wouldn't say exactly that it belongs in a cookie (or anything, imho), but that's great about trying food from other ethnicities, right? Well, I thought they were gross tasting, but Bobo LOVED them! Guess that's his Bengali roots showing through. :)

Even better than the weird flavor which Bobo scarfed down with delight... was the design of the cookies. As you can see they featured active sport shapes on the front and back... almost as if to show that if you eat enough of these cookies, they will make you good at sports!

Well, something that tastes so nasty has to be good for you, we always say. :)



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