Monday, June 29, 2009

Evening at the Playground

These were taken a while ago at the sledding hill playground in South Nashua... the one near Lilac Blossom (to which we went for dinner tonight, but alas it was raining AGAIN so no playground time for Bobo). It's just about a minute away from our old apartment in Royal Crest, and I didn't even realize there was one there until Mom mentioned it.

Bobo had a great time! There was enough stuff kids his size (under 2) that he could run around and do things and not get into too much trouble... but of course then he wanted to climb on EVERYTHING, including the big structures that have steep drops and very tall slides!

We're going to go back as soon as the Great Flood ceases... it's been raining for almost 40 days straight here, talk about a fun way to spend a June... and on the two non-rainy days we've had the bugs outside have been RAVENOUS and will attack anything that moves, so that's no fun at all. :/



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