Friday, June 5, 2009

Sharky Snuggles

This was the cutest thing I have seen in a while... I came into the room and found Bobo sitting quietly on the sofa amidst all his blankets... hugging this hard plastic toy shark! It was around nap time and I guess he needed something to cuddle with!

As you can see, he can't snuggle very close because it's quite hard and sharp... right down to the teeth. Arin was absolutely terrified of it the first time he saw it... it got thrown into his bathtub and he freaked out and wouldn't sit down even after I had removed the offending item from the water. He thought it was a live fish and was going to eat him, I think. It
is very realistic looking in water, btw.

The two of them have apparently made up their differences, and now he plays with it and makes growling noises when he does. Of course, if you take it and make growling noises with it at him, like it's going to bite him, he still gets scared and runs out of the room!


tavus said...

awe so cute :). I freaked Jiles out at a bath time yesterday too. I decided he will enjoy a warm shower over him, and I was wrong! He wanted to get out right away.

Emily said...

Aww, poor Jiles! We are such nice mothers to traumatize our children with things like water spraying from the ceiling. :) Arin used to hate the shower, he would go bananas if I tried to take him in with me, or turn it on when he was in the tub. Now he's better... he'll fuss a bit at first but once he's in he just sits and plays with all the soap containers.


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