Friday, June 5, 2009

Momo's Home... its candy time!

Whenever my mom comes home from work, Bobo runs to go get her. Not because he wants a hug or he misses her (though of course he does), but because he wants his daily "king-kee"! This day it was a little lollipop.

She usually brings home a little candy for him from work, where apparently they have an endless supply. I guess when working with lasers you need a lot of sugar? Who knows. But, this is what we go through every week day, with Momo of course complaining that she gets no love- but she brought this upon herself so I have no pity! Not to mention Bobo gets a bit greedy and is always trying to go into her purse for more... he thinks it is a bottomless pit of yummies and doesn't get that there is only on per day! :)



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