Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun Little Saturday

We had quite the busy day today. Things kicked off to a start around 5am when Bobo decided that getting up before the sun would be a fantastic adventure. With all those hours in the morning we had plenty of time to clean the house, what a fun day!

Okay, so after nap time things picked up. We went outside and kicked balls around a bit (apparently Arin is fated to be a soccer star, so I'm trying to start him early. This summer he will have his very own pro coach, as Lauren will be here coaching for some camp, and Arin in her spare time! Lauren's dad was a pro-footballer in England and she herself is quite the expert. Arin can only get out of being a surgeon if he is a famous sports star, I have conceeded.)

After a bit of that, Arin helped Momo remove some huge plants from her garden, and proceeded to get more dirty than he had ever gotten before. Ever. Imagine rivulets of dirt running down his precious little cheeks. I'm not exaggerating. So after Mommy got in some relaxing sunbathing on the hammock while all that dirt was being flung about, it was BATH TIME for sure. Then, we had our scary adventure when I found a TICK crawling through Arin's hair. Super uck... but it hadn't stuck itself in yet, and all was well (not for the tick, though).

Then it was baking time, and we made some yummy apple tarts, from Pioneer Woman's recipe (post to come). After dinner, Momo had promised Arin a ride in the car, so off we went in search of an exciting playground that I could take Arin to during the day (that wasn't part of a school, like the ones in town are). We went to the one on Spit Brook in Nashua... right down the street from our old apartment, and it's fantastic!

Bobo had SO much fun running around this playground... it had enough stuff that little tots can do. It's not super big, not as big as the Big Back Yard, but it's a good size, and has ball fields there now too. It used to be the spot with the HUGE sledding hill, that they dug out so now its a 'gentle' sledding hill... and covered up the little pond that was there but put in an ice rink that is in the warmer months apparently a place for little kids to rollerskate or ride bikes. Anyway, Arin loved the slides, he loved seeing "babies" and unfortunately he loved throwing around the wood chips. It's defininately a place for us to go during the week though.

On the way home we drove into the country to visit the Wal-Marts and buy a thousand little things that I have been meaning to get for ages. I love that I can stock up on so many things at one store, and NO other place around here carries Max Factor, which is lame. (2000 Calorie Mascara is a beauty must, if you love gorgeous lashes.) Arin got books and a bib and other fun stuff, not to mention a pack of yogurt drops that he devoured before we were out the door.

Not a super exciting day for most people, but for us it was. Just thought I'd share a day in the life. I have a bunch of pics, but they're still on my camera so I'll post them later. :)


tavus said...

Playing in the nature, singing birds and all always sound so much fun and good that it's easy to forget about all the bugs and inscects! You know the pictures u saw of desert in T'stan? Well, it looks great at that time, but a few people got so close to be bitten by black scorpions there! Scary, especially when you know they are most dangerous ones. I am still shivering when I think of that. Jiles was walking around everywhere! whew.

Emily said...

Scorpions?! Well, there goes my vacation to there!! And here I am squeaming around about ants and bees... at least those don't usually kill people! Still yucky though, I wish there was some beautiful outdoor place without any bugs... only in a dream I guess. :)

tavus said...

hehe, yeah, it's scary, but you know, people in T'stan say that even the shephards - who spend their entire lives in the desert - usually never see the scorpions! it's amazing we did. But apperantly we have some protection power. No one got bit! So, if you do want to go, you better stick around with me!

Emily said...

Hahah, it's a deal! That way I get the bonus also of knowing where all the places to go are and what everyone is saying! ;)


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