Sunday, June 14, 2009

Travelogue Project

A project I have been wanting to do for a loooooong time was to finally put all our travel photos up in one place... over time I put various trips up on various websites and that's all fine, but I want a place where I can leave them as large as I want, and write stories about what was happening in each one if I felt like it...

So finally I settled on the brilliant idea about making a new blog for my old travels. Yey. Now just comes the actual doing... That's what this picture is from, I'm going through my hard drive and cd's, looking for where to begin and came across this. It's from Pompeii, an old withered tree growing in an ancient roman house, reaching desperately upwards towards the light of day. I find it symbolic for this project. :)

I'll post a link to the new blog up on the top of this one next to 'HOME' and 'FLICKR' once I get a few entries up over there. Stay tuned!


tavus said...

oooooh, interested and excited!

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Thanks, I need some extra motivation to get on this! Every time I start I'm like, oh but I should do THAT other trip first... nothing gets done. :)


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