Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Review: Failure to see Thomas

This weekend really I had one big goal... bring Arin to finally see Thomas the Tank Engine *in person* down at the Edaville Railway. Last weekend it rained, so that was out, so bright and (sort of) early Friday we got in the car and headed down. Mom even left work so she could come with us and enjoy the fun of riding on a real life Thomas.

Sadly, things did not go as planned. Instead of taking 495 which I had intended, we took Julie's advice to go 95-93-24 which was disgustingly congested the ENTIRE way. The trip was supposed to last 1:45 total, but after two hours spent in hot, sweaty traffic (my car A/C is dead) and not even close to our destination we realized ... I had forgotten *my camera* at home. This is a vital component of any trip I take. I STILL cringe to remember the weekend in Cyprus that we went to the Troodos mountains and I forgot my camera... it was the most beautiful, exciting scenery ever and I missed it and it haunts me to this day. Honestly.

So we stopped at a BJ's to use the restroom and you know, BUY a camera. Until we brilliantly figured out that even if we did, the battery would not come charged and we were out of luck. Then it started thundering, and considering how late it already was and how far we were from the place still, we decided to throw in the towel and aim for another day. Of course, since we were so far south, we decided might as well stop at the Wrenthem Outlets for lunch and shop a bit!

We ate lunch at Cracker Barrell. I don't know why but I freaken love that place even though nothing I get usually tastes good. Bobo was extremely cranky and throwing stuff, so we decided to skip the Outlets, let him sleep in the car and then... go up to Costco buy a Wii instead! We had talked about it on the way down and decided that we needed the Wii Fit to get in super sexy summer shape, and that our house needed something fun.

So, we've been using the Wii a LOT over the weekend. Bobo loves watching the little Mii's run around, especially when they squeak or play tennis or something bouncy. And man, my hips are hurtin' from all that Hula Hooping. We used to have a Wii at the apartment when they first came out, and I really miss it, especially playing doubles tennis... only problem is I want to play Zelda again and this Wii didn't come with it! I guess spending my time on Wii Fit is more productive than slashing orcs with my sword though, so I'll live...

Saturday, which turned out to be the day it did NOT rain (until evening) we didn't head down because we thought it was going to rain... what a waste. We planned to go down this morning (Sunday) but then at the last minute decided that no, the forecast said it was defininately going to rain and why waste the extremely long car ride. Well, it didn't really rain until evening AGAIN, but I'm telling myself down there it was pouring all day... And tomorrow, which is the last day, guess what the forecast is? RAIN.

So, we will probably just go to the town field and watch the elephants set up the circus instead. I don't think Bobo will sit still for the circus this year (it was really hard to get him to not run off last year, and he was a lot less mobile then!), but anyone can go and watch them unload the animals and put up the tents... in the rain. :)



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