Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Designations of Creamy Deliciousness

So as I was pouring the last of our farm-fresh ridiculously expensive glass-bottled heavy cream (which we got while strawberry picking) into my hot cocoa, I once again pondered the various types of cream and dairy products. I could never get a straight answer as to what the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream was. I tried to look it up before and things were still unclear, and finally tonight, wikipedia cleared it up for me! Hurrah!

So here in the US, this is the differences between creams:
  • Half and Half (10.5–18% fat)
  • Light, coffee, or table cream (18–30% fat)
  • Medium cream (25% fat)
  • Whipping or light whipping cream (30–36% fat)
  • Heavy whipping cream (36% or more)
  • Extra-heavy, double, or manufacturer's cream (38–40% or more), generally not available at retail except at some warehouse and specialty stores.
So... heavy cream may or may not have more fat than whipping cream at the store, depending on who's making it... but if it says both heavy AND whipping then you know its the hard stuff. :)

Also, more fun dairy products:
  • Clotted Cream (UK) is 55% fat and soooo delicious, mmm!
  • Butter is about 80% fat depending on the type
  • Plugrá is 82% fat and a type of butter my dad is obsessed with
  • Sour Cream (12-18% fat) is soured with bacteria until thick
  • Cream fraiche (28% fat) is only slightly soured and less thick than sour cream, mmm!
  • Malai (India) is similar to clotted cream, its heated slowly to thicken

So there, the fruit of my research! Now I could go for a nice scone with jam and a big dollop of clotted cream... anyone else?

And for fun, check out this chart of the progression of various dairy products from milk and how they are all connected.


chocolate and whine said...

Okay, now I'm craving creamy hot cocoa. And it's 90 degrees outside. Maybe I could just pour it over ice? Or blend it with ice cream and make a milkshake? Oh God. Now I'm really in trouble.

Emily said...

Milkshakes? CREAM milkshakes? We haven't even got into that whole problem here yet this year... thanks for leading me down the path of temptation! :)


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