Sunday, April 5, 2009

Danish Cookie Monster

When it comes to getting into something he wants, Arin is a genius... an EVIL genius. He couldn't stack Legos for the longest time, but he sure had no issue taking the top off this huge tin of Danish cookies. Todd brought them home from school, and someone left them in the living room. I didn't discover his new 'trick' until he'd eaten about 50 of them I'm sure. This is because after sneaking a cookie out, he would carefully fit the top back on and push it closed before enjoying his tasty treat... every time.

I hid them on top of the fridge for a while, but I wanted to see if he could still do his trick. Yup! Just look at this face:



Tavus said...

haha! that's a great face! I can totally see Jiles doing the same thing when he is that big too!


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