Friday, April 10, 2009

I don't really like Blue Nails

Let me share with you my little nail polish saga from Wednesday. It began with my trying out a 'new' shade. I bought China Glaze - For Audrey when I got everyone's Christmas nail polishes, but I hadn't tried it out. After seeing the Greenport nail polish that I wrote about before, I decided I really wanted to see if I liked blue/greens on, as I never used to. Well, yeah, I still don't. It just looks too middle school for me, I don't know? I saw the host on that makeup artist show wearing it last season, I didn't like it on her either.

For Audrey, obviously, is supposed to be Tiffany blue, and alludes to Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn. Well, here is my comparison... it's a pretty close match but not exact. The nail polish is just a little darker and a little more greenish. Actually, it is a pretty good dupe now that I look at this picture again.

One positive about the polish is that it helped me FINALLY find a purse! I've been looking for one since before Christmas, since my 'everyday' one is quite old and has seen better days. I was browsing handbags for the millionth time, and found one that was almost the same shade as my nails! It's so pretty, and that was the sign I was looking for that this is the one I should get. So now I have a new purse and if I'm feeling crazy I can paint my nails to match it! Happy Ending. :)

Update: I put some silver glitter over the top and the polish looks 10 times better. And now it REALLY matches my pocketbook!



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