Friday, June 5, 2009

Line 'Em Up

Bobo is at an age where he loves to stack, sort, and line things up. He even gets quite mad if you mess up something that he is 'collecting', and gets *very* unhappy if a big pile of books he is stacking gets unstable and falls (such as when he is stacking said pile on someone's leg, which is not the most sturdy base for books). This was so cute though, he balanced his books at even intervals along the top of the sofa.

The place that his books end up most of the time now is on the sofa. We are in the 'process' of redoing the living room, painting, decorating, etc... (slow process), so the current furniture set-up leaves the toys with less convenient storage than before, and now they have to live on places like the sofa according to Bobo. It's his contribution to decorating the space. :)



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