Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Little Bookworm

Arin loves books... he loves to read them on his own, flipping through and looking at all the pictures and pointing out what's what... and even more he loves being read to. He can't get enough of his books, and has been this way ever since he was a teeny tot.

Here we are in our pajamas reading the Little Critter Collection book... we also have a bunch of these single books in paperback, which were mine when I was little. I found a lot of my old books, though there are still many more that I'm searching for. One set that he really likes are the Berenstain Bears. We just found them the other day, and I forgot how much *I* loved them too. We only found two, so I went on ebay and ordered five more, not to mention an ebook that Alex found for us.

Now all I need is some kind of storage solution for these books that Bobo won't rip apart in five seconds flat... whenever I put his books away the next thing you know they are all back in a messy pile on the living room floor... it has just become a decorative feature now! I don't know that a bookshelf would help, but I read somewhere that old magazine holders might work, the kind where you can see the fronts of all the books like in doctor's offices. I don't know, I just know something has to be done... we need more room to play on our Wii Fit now!



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