Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sarah's Wedding Bands - Joolie's Jewelry

Here are the wedding bands I mentioned a while ago... the ones my sister made for Sarah and Brian... they're finally done! I took a few pictures for her, so here they are. The bands have an outer layer of white gold with design cut-outs which show the inner ring of yellow gold, also visible from the top and bottom. It's hard to tell in the pictures because I took them at night and our lighting was... sub-par, let's just say.

The design on Sarah's band reflects the detailing in her engagement ring (which Brian designed and contains 3 diamonds... one from his mother's ring, one from his grandmother's ring, and a new one for Sarah, how absolutely romantic is that??). Brian's design is an abstract dragon, which Sarah was sweet enough to let him have because he loves them!

Sorry, in these last two photos the rings are upside down! :) Julie's giving them to Sarah tomorrow, I'm sure she'll love them and be so happy to finally have her REAL rings instead of the silver prototypes they've been wearing all this time.


[in training] julie b said...

Come on out! Now there are 2 specific reasons, the craft fair thingy and to learn how to not be intimidated by a sewing machine. =) That and I need to see you and meet your littl man.


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