Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tip: Get Onion Smell Off Hands

Tonight for dinner I made my first foray into l'art complique de cuisine francais... with some half-way authentic coq au vin. Not really notable, except that I chopped up a lot of onions to accomplish this feat... and ended up with stinky onion fingers. I hate that! Every time you accidently bring your hands up near your face you just want to barf... uck.

So I decided that there was no way I was going to be able to sleep with these smelly onion hands, so I found a solution thanks to Dr. Google! Peanut butter!

Is there anything this stuff doesn't do? There were other 'solutions', but since I have peanut butter always on hand (hahah, get it) I figured I'd try that first. You take a little gob, massage it into your hands and nails for about a minute (or more if you're OCD like me), and then rinse off, then wash off with soap.

It worked! Nasty odor gone. I did miss the palms of my hands however, and though they don't smell bad, I wasn't taking any chances so I applied some scented moisturizer, and voila! Le problem solved.

So yeah, I'll be keeping this peanut butter trick handy, I'm sure it would work for garlic or chili peppers too. :)


tavus said...

Oh another Peanut Butter wonder!! I love it. I'm addicted to that stuff!

Emily said...

Mmmm! I'm so glad Arin likes it so I have the excuse to eat all of his leftovers... and I just used it the other day to get sticky labels off stuff. Can you find it in Belgium? I know in the UK it was impossible to get.

tavus said...

yes, i can find them here, but not the kinds i like of course - i like the natural kinds! but europe seems to be slowely polishing their taste buds in favor of peanut butter. Or they just figure they buy it cheap and sell it extremely expensive and screw the Americans. - either way, i'm happy buying them here in Belgium.

How's it Taste? said...

Chrome works great too, i.e. your kitchen sink's faucet. They even sell little odor-removing 'soap' bars at kitchen stores, but I just rub my hands on the faucet (or even the sink itself if I'm at work) and voila! no more smell! (Excellent at getting rid of raw fish odors too.)


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